Composite (tooth color) fillings
We use composite fillings to restore teeth with a minimum amount of removal of the tooth structure. The following are a few simple rules to remember after this procedure.

  • You can chew on the filling immediately. You can eat whatever you wish after the procedure.  The anesthesia will last from 2-4 hours so be careful not to bite your tongue or lip until this wears off.
  • It is normal to experience some sensitivity to heat, cold, and pressure after your appointment. Sometimes this sensitivity can last for several weeks, especially if the decay in the tooth was close to the nerve of the tooth. We have done surgery on your tooth; it usually takes the body time to heal after a procedure like this. Taking Ibuprofen (200-600mg) after a procedure like this can decrease some of this sensitivity.
  • Often, due to the effects of the local anesthesia, it is quite difficult to make sure that your bite is exactly right. If you feel any discomfort when chewing, please let us know. A minor adjustment is usually all it takes to make you comfortable. Don't wait too long! Teeth can become quite sensitive if the bite is "high."  If the filling feels high,  please call us and come in for an adjustment.   
  • You can also expect some soreness in your gums for several days.  If your gums are sore around the restored tooth, use warm salt water rinses (mix ½ teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water) every four hours for 1-2 minutes until they feel better.