O’Brien Dental is pleased to offer one FREE TAKE-HOME Whitening Kit for all patients who have regular check-ups, cleaning, and necessary x-rays! This program is designed to help you obtain a better smile and keep your dental health in optimal condition.. New patients become eligible for the free whitening program after completion of a cleaning, a complete doctor exam, and all necessary treatment.

Patients can participate in the program by making an appointment for cleaning, check-up exam, health history review, and any necessary x-rays. If there are no complications (see additional information below) patients will be given a take –home whitening kit that contains self-forming whitening trays and the whitening gel with instructions. Additional whitening kits are available for purchase for $25, which is still significantly less than the over the counter whitening kits.  For patients who already have custom fitted whitening trays, a whitening gel kit and instructions will be given. 

Some patients might prefer custom-fitted whitening trays that are made from impressions of their teeth. This process involves additional appointments and there is a charge. The take-home whitening gel is still FREE!

Some patients may not be interested in whitening or may have dental or health problems that prohibit whitening. Also, some patients may not benefit from whitening (patient has crowns, veneers, false teeth or other limitations for whitening). We will discuss these issues at the check-up appointment and review your options and alternatives. For patients who want to whiten more often than their cleaning intervals, “booster” whitening kits are available for purchase.